Rhynard's Blueberry Farm

Rhynard's Blueberry Farm will be CLOSED for the day on Saturday, August 13th.

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Rhynard's Blueberry Farm

We will be closed tomorrow, Saturday the 13th, and will reopen Sunday the 14th at 8am. Picking conditions are now poor.

We will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th, and will reopen Wednesday the 10th at 8am. Picking conditions remain fair.

Due to all of the rain we've gotten today, we unfortunately will be closed Monday the 25th, as well as Sunday the 24th. We will open back up Tuesday July 26th at 8am.

Picking conditions are now fair. Reminder, we will be closed Sunday the 24th and will reopen Monday the 25th Tuesday the 26th at 8am.

Picking conditions are good. The heat this week really helped ripen the berries. We will be closed Sunday the 24th but will reopen Monday the 25th at 8am.

We are now open for the 2022 Blueberry season! Starting picking conditions are fair, but there are a lot of blueberries on the bushes. Our hours are 8 AM - 8 PM seven days a week, but with periodic one day closures for patch maintenance. Prices are $2.50 / pound for U-Pick and $3.75 / pound for pre-picked. Please call ahead when ordering pre-picked berries so we can be sure we have them for you. Don't forget you can follow us on Facebook as well. See you soon!