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Rhynard's Blueberry Farm

We will be closed for the day on Monday, July 26th, reopening Tuesday, July 27th at 8 AM. Picking conditions are poor to fair.

We will be closed for the day on Tuesday, July 20th, reopening Wednesday, July 21st at 8 AM. Picking conditions are currently listed as fair, but we're hoping they'll improve for Wednesday.

Due to the cooler weather and lack of ripe berries, we are delaying our opening day to Wednesday July 14th. The berries haven't ripened as fast as expected, and we have standing water in the patch. Our early varieties did get hit with some frost and our crop isn't looking as good as we had hoped. Hopefully it improves as we get closer to mid-season.

Blueberry season is almost here! We're expecting to open the patch up on July 10th July 14th. Our early variety of blueberries are starting to turn color! Expect another update soon. See you shortly!