Rhynard's Blueberry Farm

Rhynard's Blueberry Farm will be CLOSED for the day on Thursday, August 13th.

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Rhynard's Blueberry Farm

We will be closed for the day on Thursday, August 13th., reopening Friday, August 14th.

We will be closed for the day on Thursday, August 6th., reopening Friday, August 7th.

We will be closed for the day on Thursday, July 30th., reopening Friday, July 31st.

We will be closed Friday, July 24th - Sunday, July 26th, reopening Monday, July 27th.

It's official, we will be opening up tomorrow, July 15th! Unfortunately, picking conditions will start poor as we've had a tremendous bird, deer, and raccoon problem the past week or two. The deer learned over the last few years they could help themselves to the berries by ripping holes in the nets, therefore letting birds and other critters help themselves as well.

We were going to try to get through this season without any nets, but the 3 pests have proven the nets necessary.

We are working to put the top nets up now (very labor intensive) to hopefully slow some of the bird damage, and we are trying to figure out the best way keep the deer and coon out. There are a decent amount of green berries, so hopefully if we succeed with our critter problem, the amount of ripe berries will increase by next week.

Blueberry season is almost here! We're expecting to open the patch up July 15th. If this heat keeps up, it might be a little earlier. Expect another update soon. See you shortly!